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Eureka! Education
by Cynthia

A catalyst to your student's academic success

A Classroom Lecture
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About Us

We are not tutors. . . we are educational success coaches.

Eureka! Education supports and teaches students of all ages and grade levels. 
It is common for parents or caretakers to desire in-person services for their student/scholar.   After considering the efficiency and environmental benefits of cloud-based services, we offer only cloud-based services custom tailored to each student's needs.  Each new student will be evaluated and assessed on their skill level, learning style, and personal interests. All of these factors will be used to provide a unique instructional experience.

Playing the Trombone

From the cloud to your student. . . real time interaction online!

Individualized attention and support through assistance with homework;

Test preparation and strategy; and/or

Focused attention on specific skills and disciplines.

Collaboration with students, parents, and teachers to develop a customized program for each student.

Feedback from each session to ensure student progresses.

Financial information

One last point.  To be absolutely sure that we are compliant with government authorities, we issue emailed invoices from QuickBooks for Services.

If applicable, we can bill your charter school.

Doing Homework
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