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Client Testimonials

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Tampa FL Adult Client

I have decided to go back to school after 22 years! Math has never been my strong suit, I’m enrolled online in Developmental Mathematics for Statistics and Liberal Arts, My professor provides videos and suggested researching on YouTube and still I was “not getting it” Cindy was that personable piece I was missing, that walked me through… step by step until…I get it! Cindy has boosted my confidence!  I’m actually excited to do my lessons now!

Valrico FL Parent

Just thought I'd let you know our son's reading has exploded!  It's like everything finally clicked.  He can read SO much and we think he is pretty much at level.  It's still not his favorite and depending upon his mood and fatigue level, but, it is a world of a difference.  This is because his confidence has blossomed.  He still gets tripped up on a few things, but now he is not aftraid to try. I know your work with him made a huge difference.

Sacramento CA Parent

Eureka Education by Cynthia has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool teaching life.  They are patient with my daughter and make tutoring FUN for reading and comprehension.  When our daughter began a year ago, reading was intimidating and caused her great frustration.  Fast forward to now, she is picking up anything she can read and loves chapter books.  The latest 3rd grade assessment has our daughter reading at a 5th grade level.  My daughter looks forward to her tutoring times and was excited to share this latest assessment news.

Wesley Chapel, FL Family

I cannot thank you enough for all your time and compassion with tutoring my daughter Kay. ( and making it fun).

On the December FAST tests, she had a Score of 1.  Today her teacher sent me a note saying that she scored a 3 on the FAST test and was only 1 point away from a 4...what a remarkable improvement!

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